Stop Trans Genocide
photo credit: Joe Brusky Photograph with Overpass Light Brigade

We demand an end to the ongoing genocide of trans people in the USA and around the world. This is a global campaign to Stop Trans Genocide.

Between the murder of black trans women in the US, and the removal of life-saving gender-affirming care around the world – we are in danger. Trans people deserve safety, freedom, and equality.

On Genocide – The UN purposely excluded LGBTQ+ people from the definition of genocide to avoid implicating the writers in genocide. History has proven them wrong.

On the genocide in Gaza: STG Condemns the State of Israel’s genocide of innocent civilians in Gaza. The horrors of genocide should not be ignored, and every one looks different. We stand in solidarity with Palestinians in their fight for liberation from their oppressors. Islamophobia or anti-Semitism are completely unacceptable.

Lemkin Institute – Statement on the Genocidal Nature of the Gender Critical Movement’s Ideology and Practice

From the genocide of LGBTQ+ people in Nazi Germany to Franco’s Spain to current day Uganda – we are in danger.

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10 steps to Trans Genocide
Adopted from Dr. Gregory H. Stanton’s research, which links extensively to trans rights violations.
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